2017 #3 CDIO ACADEMY – Ethical

Alice buys an autonomous vehicle from Bob, who sells them. The autonomous vehicle has different settings, some more aggressive (where the autonomous vehicle drives faster and brakes harder), and some less. Alice sets the autonomous vehicle to its most aggressive setting. One night on a dark and wet road, Alice hits a pedestrian, Carlos, who was jaywalking. Carlos is badly hurt.


 In this situation, I think that Carlos will need to take the responsibility of this accident. Though he is the people who get hurt, but he is the first violation of the incident. Autonomous car will not do illegal behavior, so when it encounters the incident that it can’t avoid, it won’t have time to make the appropriate response. Therefore, there are some ways to talk about this situation:

If you were the autonomous car owner, you can choose 2 motion about the system, while there is a person jaywalk when your car drive through the zebra crossing, you can choose to protect the drivers and just hit the person or protect the person but the driver will get hurt. What will you choose while you are the driver?If me, i will choose to protect the driver. There is no way to protect the people who violate the rule of traffic.

I think government should set the law clearly, the people who violate should be wrong no matter he or she get hurt badly. This will protect the driver and autonomous car, because he probably drive in the right way, so didn’t need to take the responsible of the accident.

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