One. Search the internet and other sources and list the different types of technology that may be found in autonomous vehicles (include at least one more option than those listed above). Describe each technology in 1-2 sentences, and include at least one web link.

1.      Environmental awareness technology: The environment-aware module is equivalent to the eyes and ears of an autonomous vehicle, and the autonomous vehicle uses the environment-aware module to identify the surrounding environment information and provide information support for its behavioral decision.

2.      Machine deep learning: Is the ability of a machine learning from experience. The machines no longer need to be instilled by one by one, they can be “educated”. It can learn from the mistake and won’t make the mistake next time. It can be more and more smarter.

Here is the web link that I search from the internet:



Two. Select one type of technology and look at it in greater detail. How is it currently being used? What are its benefits and drawbacks? What is its future potential? Don’t forget to include references to any sources you may have used.

So I’m going to choose machine deep learning about autonomous vehicles. Deep learning needs three steps: building a web, setting a goal, and start to learning.

The basis of deep learning is the distributed representation of machine learning. On this basis, deep learning assumes that the process of this interaction can be divided into multiple levels, representing the multi-level abstraction of the observed values. Different layers and layers of scale can be used for different levels of abstraction. The benefits of deep learning is that they can rely on the situation encountered on the road for learning, and they can solved the problem clearly when they face the same problem next time.The drawbacks of deep learning is that it can’t deal with problem when they face a problem that they didn’t mentioned before. It will be probably cause bigger problem. I think deep learning will be stronger in the future. They are likely to go beyond human learning, and to this point, more and more people will be replaced by the machine.

Here is the web link that I search from the internet:

1.       http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~dyer/cs540/handouts/deep-learning-nature2015.pdf

2.       https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/07/29/whats-difference-artificial-intelligence-machine-learning-deep-learning-ai/

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